the following pages contain part of my testimony and the things that are on my heart and mind that will hopefully be a blessing to you. maybe after checking them out you will see why my emphasis is clearly toward my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. all the different things you see and hear was found on the net. so if I snatched something of yours, i apologize, can't recall where i found them all, so please forgive me. i found that i'm more comfortable using lower case letters partly because it's the web thing but most of all out of reverence for God, because He is definitely worthy of capital letters. sometimes out of habit i do throw an upper case in but i mean no disrespect toward Him. i know it may be a little extreme but i hope to be that way in all area's of my life, just not out of context. well that's enough here, i just pray that in some way this site will bring glory to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.