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born again
i no longer wanted the life i had. the bible says that you take off your old self and put on the new. i didn't know that verse but found it to be so very true. moved and went to church to fill this awesome hunger i had to learn what God had for me. with in a month or two i was on a mission trip being fed and making friends that would become like a family to me. tell others of how great God is and growing closer to Him day by day. found that there was a lot of things to do as a Christian. got to go to many Christian concerts, and hang out with some really fun people. went to germany on a mission trip 8 months or so after my conversion. i have been on the go doing all sorts of activities that my sunday school singles group does. promise keepers has been a most uplifting experience for me attending the last three and almost dc. life for youth ranch was my next mission in vero beach, florida at 10 weeks the first summer and 5 weeks after that. made so many friends, grew in the spirit, physical, and mental growth as well. now i'm in school to get some knowledge. since the day i opened my heart to Christ, through His strength i haven't touched alcohol, drugs, or sex. by my choice to serve Him with a clearer head i listen to only Christian music, stand against tv and movies, cause the clean stuff is so hard to come by. it is a struggle to stay focused on the Lord but i will never turn away from the love He fill's the hole i once had with. i just praise His name, the name above all names, Jesus Christ!!!